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Mixed media on canvas
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A mixed-media artwork that masterfully blends the realms of realism and abstraction. Central to the piece is a strikingly realistic portrayal of a blue wave, its dynamic forms and shades capturing the mesmerizing power and tranquility of the sea. This vivid representation is meticulously framed within a square, suggesting a window into an endless, immersive experience. Surrounding this focal point, abstract elements crafted from tufted yarn in a cohesive color palette extend the visual narrative beyond the confines of realism. These textured segments introduce a tactile depth, inviting the viewer to engage not only visually but also through touch, blurring the boundaries between the seen and the felt. The artwork with a poignant layer of meaning, echoing questions of promises, permanence, and the inevitable passage of time. It evokes a reflective dialogue on the nature of commitments and the fleeting moments that we yearn to hold onto, making the artwork a profound commentary on the human condition and our search for something everlasting amidst the transient.

Didn't You Say This Is Forever?

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